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Dinosaur Fidget Toy - Articulated Dinosaur - 3D Printed Dinosaur - Sensory Stress Fidget

Dinosaur Fidget Toy - Articulated Dinosaur - 3D Printed Dinosaur - Sensory Stress Fidget

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Name: Articulated Dinosaur Fidget Toy

Description: This articulated dinosaur is a great fidget toy and a great decoration.  Anyone who has ADHD, anxiety, or just needs some stress relief will appreciate this creature.  This is a fantastic and unique gift for any occasion.

Made with high quality PLA Filament in the USA.

Due to the nature of 3D printing, all creatures will look unique and may differ slightly from the picture.  Rest assured we have a quality assurance process to ensure you get the best creatures we have to offer.  This creature may have sharper edges and may not be suitable for young children.

Perfect for the following occasions:

Gift for Christmas, Gift For women, Gift for men, Gift For Kids, Gift For Halloween, Gift for the Home, Desktop decoration, Birthday gift ideas, Gaming setup, Gift for gamers, Gift for anxiety, Gift for ADHD, stocking stuffer, Chinese New Year, Year of the Dragon, Gifts for the office, Gifts for coworkers, gifts for friends, party favor.

Weight: 55 grams

Height: 7 Inches

Width: 3 Inches

Depth: 14 Inches

3D Model Licensed from FlexiFactory

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Amy Brown
Best Company and Products in Town

I have had the privilege of seeing these items in person at a craft fairs. My husband has only seen the products, yes plural, which I, my children, and grandchildren, have brought home. He ordered the Dinosaur and I have never seen him laugh and enjoy something as much as he did this item. Fantastic job! Would highly recommend their products.