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Crystal Wing Dragon Fidget Toy - Articulated Dragon

Crystal Wing Dragon Fidget Toy - Articulated Dragon

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The crystal wing dragon is a fantastic and fun 3D printed creature. It makes a wonderful toy and decoration. We offer offer many color combinations and sizes to choose from.

What sizes are available for the Crystal Wing Dragon Fidget Toy?
7" Baby

13” Regular

19" Large

What material is the Crystal Wing Dragon Fidget Toy made of?

Strong PLA 3D Printed Plastic.

Are the Crystal Wing Dragon Fidget Toys made in the USA?

Yes, each one is made to order in the USA.

Is the Crystal Wing Dragon Fidget Toy suitable for young children?

Generally, we recommend these toys for children over 8 years of age.

How does the Crystal Wing Dragon Fidget Toy help with ADHD, anxiety, and stress?

Fidgeting with the Crystal Wing Dragon can help with anxiety, boredom, and stress. We guarantee that our dragons are more fun and better looking than a fidget spinner.

How can I use the Crystal Wing Dragon Fidget Toy as a decoration?

Crystal Wing Dragons are great decorations all over the home and office; use your imagination!

Are the edges of the Crystal Wing Dragon Fidget Toy sharp?

Yes, the crystal wing dragon edges are sharp.

Who likes to play with articulated dragons?
In our experience, just about everyone! They are becoming very popular on Etsy, FaceBook, and Tik Tok. If you like Dungeons and Dragons, fidget spinners, or pretty figurines, articulated dragons are great for your collection. Adults, don't be ashamed to have any Adult Fidget Toys!

Crystal Wing Dragons have gemstones all over its body, a truly beautiful design. We hope you enjoy the colorful photos of the crystal wing dragon fidget toy. Please feel free to ask questions and purchase your own dragon today!

Due to the nature of 3D printing, all creatures will look unique and may differ slightly from the picture; color placement on the dragons will vary slightly with each dragon. Rest assured we have a quality assurance process to ensure you get the best creatures we have to offer. This creature may have sharper edges and may not be suitable for young children.

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3D Model Licensed from Cinderwing3D

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Customer Reviews

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Peggy Cordwell-Holder
Love it!

Looks so much better that the photo. The colors are wonderful. I got this for my granddaughter and I hope she'll love it. I may need to get a dragon for myself because I didn't know I needed one until now. I'm very pleased.


My daughter loved it!